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US 224

The on-again, off-again end of US 224 in New Castle is on again. As of 2008, it was re-extended into the center of town past these EB signs, after having been truncated to the US 422 bypass once that was built. These signs were erected when Grant St. was bypassed by Falls St. a block to the south. US 422 Business, original 422, follows Sampson St. to the left and multiplexes with US 224 straight ahead to PA 18. Why can't 224 just end here?

This assembly was originally for US 224 beginning to the left and US 422 continuing to the right. Now it's both US 224 and Business 422 splitting in those directions, but it doesn't tell you that.

WB leaving New Castle, at what was the beginning of US 224 until 2008 and then west to Old Youngstown Rd. The "center lane" is really the left lane, where there's one eastbound and two westbound lanes. So yes, it's the center of the three lanes, but for drivers it's much easier to understand it as the "left lane." PA 60 is multiplexed with US 422 here, and until 422 was brought around New Castle the freeway was nothing but 60, so there should be 60 shields on this assembly too; the destination of Sharon is on 60, while whatever the other destination was (Beaver Falls? Pittsburgh?) was overwritten with one for US 422.

Crossing the Mahoning River with PA 551.

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