Pennsylvania Roads - US 220

US 220

From Doug Kerr, on Park Ave. SB just north of State College, with room for a South I-99. If looks could kill...

I-99 and US 220 (and US 322)
US 220 from I-80 to I-180
I-180 and US 220
US 220 north of I-180

PA 150 (old US 220 and part of Alt. US 220)
Original US 220 in Bald Eagle State Park

In my personal collection, installed by an auto club as was the wont in the 1920's. This enamel or porcelain sign certainly dates to the nascence of the US Highway system.

Alt. US 220 NB and PA 144 SB near Milesburg.

Into Maryland on US 220
Onto US 322 alone
To I-80
Onto PA 144 and 144/150
Onto PA 150 alone
US 220 on Jeff Kitsko's
I-99 on Jeff Kitsko's
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