Pennsylvania Roads - US 209 - S. of Stroudsburg

US 209 south of Stroudsburg

A short old concrete alignment diverges from US 209 NB after leaving Millersburg and returns in the grass and dirt. US 209 originally turned south here on what is now PA 147 to meet US 22/US 322.

Coming back south (really west) out of the stub. The concrete structure in the third photo is the remnant of a house, but as with so many old alignments, there is also a creek crossing down here.

SB in Elizabethville, nestled in the rolling Pennsylvania hills. Sounds much nicer than Benderstettle. Good luck trying to figure out the speed limits here. Do you obey the embossed 35, the impending 25, or a combination of both?

NB on the other side of town. If you look closely, there was a "B" greened out and the next letter was an "E" converted into a "B". Gotta separate your Benderstettles from your Beenderstettles, you know, for all of the Benderstettle clan who still cares.

A particularly historic street corner in Tremont, facing southbound. PA 125 NB turns right here, ending its wrong-way multiplex, and to the left is this beautiful home. On all those wires criss-crossing US 209 hangs a single old signal, carrying on doing the same job it has done for generations.

This keystone is on PA 901 NB a mile north of US 209, but the distances are for US 209 SB. I would presume US 209 followed Minersville-Llewellyn Highway, with Bunting St. east of Llewellyn constructed as a later shortcut.

Heading SB out the west side of Pottsville, past a pair of statues in the median at N. 5th St. The last photo is at PA 901.

A pair of northbound embossed signs, first in Nesquehoning, and then on a side street in Packerton; by the time you get to Packerton, the northbound roadway is facing due south.

Less old, at the stop sign and then all the way through Lehighton at PA 443, where US 209 turns to cross the bridge into Weissport.

The only button copy in Lehighton (prove me wrong), facing nearly due north on Hoffman Boulevard. US 209 in PA is mostly east-west, so when it has to cross a mountain range, like here, it ends up going in all sorts of crazy directions.

Just west of PA 33 as US 209 gears up to become a freeway (don't believe the maps, it IS a freeway right on up to I-80). These photos were all taken northbound, but the last one is over the shoulder and thus on the southbound roadway.

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