Pennsylvania Roads - US 206

US 206

The only photos of interest on modern US 206, NB where it ends just after crossing the Delaware River. It did once continue north to meet parent US 6, but the only remnants of that routing are old overhead button copy signs at the US 209 junction (never PA 209) and a stray incorrect modern shield or two.

This park and beach is the site of the old Milford-Montague Bridge, looking east (SB) toward New Jersey.

Once the US 206 NB mainline, this is now just the exit of the parking lot.

US 206 is now SR 2013 - but not the original 206. US 209 originally came in on what's now Metz Rd., and US 206/209 bore right in the second photo onto Front St. in Milford, which curled left into Harford St. to rejoin the modern US 209 alignment. Some time later, US 209 was rerouted where it is now as the through route, and US 206 was connected via the road to the left.

Into New Jersey on US 206
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US 206 on Jeff Kitsko's
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