Pennsylvania Roads - US 20

US 20

WB at the original end of US 6 before it was extended to California along US 38.

EB just before the northern end of I-79, which is why NB I-79 is only signed TO 12TH St., courtesy Doug Kerr. The last little bit of I-79 is crossing US 20 in the background, on its way to PA 5.

US 20 WB in the same place, again courtesy Doug Kerr; all of these signs have been replaced. The interchange is like a stack minus the WB-SB and SB-EB movements. Traffic trying to do both of those ends up using the U-turn ramp marked as SOUTH 79 and EAST 20. Due to the width of US 20 (two through lanes, one lane each added from the NB-WB and SB-WB ramps), SB-EB traffic has a tough time getting over, and WB-SB traffic must face similar problems once they've taken the U-turn.

More old shields, overhead and one-piece.

Harborcreek remembers its heritage but the contractor forgot how to draw a US shield outline. Here you see one of the rare cases where a second railroad company built a line parallel and adjacent to an existing railroad, and when they consolidated in the 1960s and '70s, the parallel lines both remained in service. They run like this all the way up to Buffalo. Usually, track maintenance would be more expensive than leasing rights on someone else's line.

Heading east in North East. The old "no turn on red" sign was at least 50' past the Vine St. intersection, plus it was old, so it makes sense that it was removed since I found it. I want to know if North East has any more Bort street signs or if they are sold out.

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