Pennsylvania Roads - US 19 (S. of West End Br.)/PA 51

West End Bridge and south,
US 19/PA 51, US 6/19

Welcome to Washington, which Pennsylvania insists ends in "PA" on signs because of their inferiority complex. These photos are SB. The old blue sign (for Bradford House, barely) is at North College St. and the old signals are at Beau St., PA 136.

And they can't even spell Signz correctly.

SB overheads north of Washington. Wonder what Morgantown replaced - could it have originally been Charleston?

And NB.

SB at Weavertown Rd. in North Strabane Twp., leading to I-79 Exit 45. The first shield is unnecessary, although state-name Interstate shields are always welcome, because it's just before the ones with the turn arrows, and misrepresents the fact that traffic to I-79 NB should have turned at McClelland Rd. or Demar Blvd.

Old signals facing Meadowcroft Ave. NB at US 19/Beverly Rd. in Mt. Lebanon, and old street signs to the south in Upper St. Clair.

More old stuff, continuing south in Upper St. Clair, over McMurray Rd. and under Country Club Dr.

Time to replace the turn arrows, SB between the Banksville and Beechview sections of Pittsburgh's South Side.

Courtesy John Krakoff, submitted by Adam Prince, and taken down by PennDOT. These original signs were on the short US 19/I-279 (now I-376, with US 22/US 30) multiplex between Exits 5A and 5C. If that doesn't look like an Exit 5B to you, it's because you haven't clicked on it to convert from sequential to mileage-based exit numbering.

They missed this one because it's not on the Interstate. The multiplex is indeed this short in the northbound direction, and doesn't even happen southbound because US 19 stays on a separate roadway.

So, here's that separate roadway, US 19 SB next to I-376/former I-279 to the left.

The beginnings of PA 837 and PA 60 from the same rotary at the south end of the West End Bridge. The non-cutout shield is a product of reconstruction of the rotary and the routes leading into it, which temporarily severed the connection to PA 60 when I was there. So the little green sign was the last old sign left, and didn't even apply at that point.

Northbound approaching the rotary, with construction all around and the bridge in the background.

One of the most interesting sights on any area road is the yellow bridge it uses to cross a Pittsburgh river. Here I start southbound across the West End Bridge.

Some bridge details as I continue south. The first plaque is in the northwest column and the last two look east and west at the south columns; good luck slowing down for them in most circumstances. Since they all look the same (I didn't know until editing the photos, because I didn't have time to really look at them while on the bridge), you only need to catch one.

Ending the page with a view of the bridge from adjacent Mt. Washington.

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