Pennsylvania Roads - US 15/Future I-99 - Lawrenceville/PA 49

US 15 (Future I-99) Lawrenceville Bypass

Bliss Rd. Construction

Starting in the north at Bliss Rd., which comes off of US 15 in New York and apparently will be cut off by the new freeway. The Elmira Meet photos of Chris Jordan's antics came from here.

Bliss Rd. WB approaching foundation piles.

Piles in the foreground, PA 49 waaaay in the background.

Driveway up to the top of a rock cut, where PennDOT is still cutting to get to the final grade of US 15. The work appears to stop just north of here at the NY border, which makes sense because different states let contracts separately.

Can you tell I like piles? The PA 49 interchange-to-be is in the background. US 15/I-99 will cross the bridges at right and curve around toward the piles.

PA 49 overpass closeup.

PA 49 Construction

PA 49 SB just after it began at US 15, approaching US 15. 49 will either be truncated to this new freeway, or will be extended up US 15 to the New York border.

Looking north from PA 49 at trucks on the freeway grade between PA 49 and Bliss Rd.

Looking up the SB onramp and offramp, respectively.

On a road whose name I simply cannot track down, with the US 15 SB grade immediately to the right and easily approached on foot. If one doesn't mind fences, ticks, and scratchy weeds. The cut north of Bliss Rd. is in the background.

We stopped at the top of Road and took a look around.

More northward looks, allowing you to easily trace the path of future US 15/I-99.

Final looks back up the SB offramp and then up the NB offramp.
Newly Open in 2008

From PA 287, where US 15 used to exit to continue on its surface alignment, north to the PA 49 interchange. These photos were taken NB on October 3, 2008, just two days after the Bypass opened. All of the signs are ready for I-99 exit numbers.

Across the Cowanesque River, north into Lawrenceville, and then to the New York border.
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