Pennsylvania Roads - US 15/Future I-99 - Tioga

US 15 (Future I-99) in Tioga

Southbound, this exit tab is waiting for I-99's mileage to be finalized (it's changed routes a couple of times near State College already).

The lower roadway is southbound, snaking along the hillside.

Cuts on the hillside reveal the Tioga Bypass, with the new Welcome Center visible in the second photograph. As another Elmira Meet participant pointed out, the US 15 label on the Center is carved in stone, meaning it will be not-so-cheap to replace it when I-99 comes barrelling through. These were taken from the end of old US 15, which is now swallowed up by a reservoir.


Looking at the reservoir from the visitor's center. In the first photo, if you trace the path of old US 15 straight across from the right (between the brown field and the green trees), you'll see what looks like a line continuing it through the center of the field below the reservoir. Seeing that, I zoomed in and found the trace of old 15 in the second photo.

The northernmost mile of the existing US 15 Tioga Bypass, with the future freeway toward Lawrenceville in the background. It appears to be all graded and even drivable from some of the graded dirt ramps, if you were adventurous and had a taste for jail cells or heavy fines.

Rock cuts and bridge abutments mark the path of the US 15 freeway, which still needs, um, bridges. Another good reason not to try to drive it.

Just before the last of the above six photos comes this sign, where the JCT didn't need to be segregated. As I mentioned on the main Tioga/Lawrenceville page, the top of PA 287 overlays old US 15 in order to get to current 15.

Now driving the freeway in October 2008 after construction ended. The new PA 287 signs look a lot better - except, of course, for the Clearview font. They're even ready for I-99's exit numbers.

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