Pennsylvania Roads - US 15/Future I-99 - Williamsport-Tioga

US 15 and Future I-99, Williamsport to Tioga

US 15 northbound in South Williamsport, where the NB and SB roadways form a one-way pair.

After US 15 SB exits I-180 (immediately to the right), it then must turn off of itself to go over the Susquehanna River bridge in the background. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

On 3rd St. eastbound, east of where US 15 crossed the Susquehanna River. Construction dictates that traffic heading west on I-180 (with its associated routes) head east along the route that normally only carries traffic heading southeast on I-180 (or northeast on US 220) from 15 north. It also dictates one ugly ex-US 22 shield.

The last two photos are courtesy Doug Kerr on US 15 SB. Click on the first photo for a closeup, since it was still around when I visited. On it, there should be a "NEXT RIGHT" on the US 220 SOUTH BGS; one thing old signs are bad at is telling you which lanes they specify. The third photo is getting really close to US 220 if it hasn't merged already. I-180 begins at the US 15/US 220 interchange. It once was a N-S route, which meant that although it was a proper multiplex, though brief, with US 15, it had a considerable wrong-way plex with US 220. Now 180's been turned 90 degrees, although exit numbering hasn't changed, so it's one of the only highways whose numbers decrease heading eastbound. US 15 and US 220 still share this brief wrong-way multiplex, of course.

NB leaving I-180/US 220 along Lycoming Creek.

NB past some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in Pennsylvania to some of the last construction on US 15. The PA 184 interchange is one of the last steps to completing US 15 to Interstate standards so that I-99 can be brought up this way to New York. The left turn is the existing at-grade intersection to be removed. The Cogan House exit is now numbered 152 in anticipation of I-99 (it would be 148 based on US 15's mileage) but as of 2021 we're still waiting.

After leaving PA 184, the northbound roadway is getting reconstructed up to PA 284 (route numbers are grouped in PA by last two digits) from the original twisty two-lane to something with shoulders and flatter curves.

South to I-180 and US 15/220/I-180
South past 180 to US 11/15
North to US 15 in Tioga and Lawrenceville (future I-99)

Old US 15
Current I-99

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