Pennsylvania Roads - US 11 - Exeter and S./PA 29

US 11 (Exeter and south) and US 11/PA 29

NB at the southernmost route (or one of them, anyway) in PA.

SB from Greencastle to State Line, past Exit 3 of I-81.

The architecture of the center of Chambersburg, where US 11 meets US 30 (now only the WB side, though).

Newer and older historical signs in rapid-fire succession, SB.

Continuing north with two more of Lou's photos, NB past an old sign with outdated arrows at PA 997 to an old sign with an arrow well past its prime on the ramp to the PA Turnpike. It doesn't look like the EAST and the I-76 shield were born at the same time - actually, the state-name shield looks newer than its banners.

SB, another historical sign and a misinformed junction on a route US 11 is already shared with. That accounts for two 11/641 intersections, and the east end of PA 641 is a third (on US 11/15).

Turnpike trailblazers, also SB.

Old SB signs leaving the Harrisburg area.

Southbound sunrise over the Susquehanna River, with Sunbury to the east. The red-lit bridge in the background is PA 61.

SB in Northumberland. US 11 turns left in the first photo, then joins PA 147 NB in the second photo. The mismatched pair breaks up three blocks later.

SB at Market St. in Bloomsburg.

PennDOT copies RIDOT, southbound. Click the second photo for a daylight version.

NB from Berwick to Shickshinny, second photo at the split from PA 93 SB. The Nescopeck sign belongs on 93 because US 11 never enters that town. Moral to Sam and his aggregate - don't mess with history.

NB and SB at the bridge to Retreat State Correctional Institute, and then a lobster. A prison isn't exactly a retreat, but a lobster is always a lobster.

NB onto the PA 29 concurrency (starting in the second photo) and up to the Nanticoke Bridge, approached southbound from PA 29 and northbound from US 11 while they multiplex on the opposite shore of the Susquehanna to avoid the eponymous city.

Continuing beyond that, the 4th photo is at Washington Ave. in Plymouth and the only SB one in the bunch.

I skipped Kingston for narration's sake. The second photo is NB at Union St. You won't get there if you're a pedestrian though.

Bennett St. WB in Kingston. This random button copy and chipmunk shields are courtesy nearby PA 309.

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