Pennsylvania Roads - Original US 1

Original US 1 on the Philadelphia border

Turn east at the first traffic signal south of New Jersey and park your car at the end of Old Lincoln Highway. Old highways never dead-end, they just cease to be maintained.

Old guiderail post with cable rail still attached.

The left and right sides of the stone bridge across Poquessing Creek, which marks the Philadelphia border. I will come back to it later.

Power lines still follow the old right-of-way, but the only other sign of modern life is the ATV tracks down the muddy remnant of the roadbed. The old, possibly original concrete in the second photo is about the only remnant of pavement left.

Facing north on original US 1, back toward the modern incarnation. See where I parked? Worked fine for me.

I clambered down the eastern side of the bridge, which looks much better from the side.

I continued through the muck under the southern arch of the bridge (on the Philadelphia side), with photos of the stonework on the right and left sides, then in the last photo you see Poquessing Creek continue south next to the power lines that mark the original US 1 alignment.

Panorama of the west side of the bridge, facing eastward.

Looking south from Southampton Rd. on the east side of Roosevelt Blvd. For some reason, the twelve-lane boulevard does not in any way overlay this section of original highway, and even more curiously it survives in the grass on the shoulder. I would have gotten out for better photos of this concrete road (mostly paved in asphalt), but there is an Army Reserve Training Center next door and all the troops were outside.

Looking north across Southampton Rd., then looking north from the next cross-street up, Burling Ave. The part of the road still used as a trail is from Burling Ave. north to where I started this page.

South on US 1 into Philadelphia
North on US 1 north of Philadelphia
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