Pennsylvania Roads - US 1 - N. of Philly

US 1 north of Philadelphia

On the trumpet ramp from US 1 to I-276. I imagine drivers might go a little slower to read that last sign if they, oh, need to get somewhere. It manages to postdate the conversion to mile-based exit numbers but predate the conversion of PA 9 to I-476.

Closer view of the original PA 9 shield hiding.

The beginning of the US 1 Freeway, just past the end of Roosevelt Boulevard.

A pair of Interstates - I-276 as an afterthought, and I-95 as a super-wide state-name shield. With distorted font.

Gee, I wonder if the town name has changed.

Squint a bit, and you'll see that there was a PA 1 construction shield here on NB US 1 just past US 13, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

"To 32 NORTH" is what was once Business US 1. Business 1 went into NJ on the Trenton Makes bridge, turned into Alternate 1, and went north to meet the Trenton Freeway at the US 206 circle. The US 1 freeway was extended another couple of miles beyond that circle, turning the old route into Business 1. Therefore, traffic would go Business-Alternate-Business to follow the route. PA de-designated its Business route, and then NJ de-designated its Alternate route, although scattered signs remain in Trenton. US 1 Business now rejoins the Trenton Freeway from the US 206 circle and the original Freeway end, making it an effective Business loop but not a City loop.

US 1 Business NB at its northern end.

Above: A few roads have this overhead entrance sign, like US 202, but it's quite rare.

Pennsylvania Ave. WB in Morrisville, entering... no, not US 1, that must be some sort of US forest service highway. No, that's US 1, and that's among the top three worst shield renditions ever performed.

3/8?? (That photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.) The last four photos are on the C-D road. Click on the first photo to see a level of button-copy degeneration usually reserved for New York BGS's. US 13 and 1 multiplex further south in Philadelphia (scroll up), and except for the brief freeway portion that begins at these photos, 13 doesn't do much of anything until it hits Delaware. One of my recommendations has been to truncate US 13 at US 40, give state route designations to the other pieces, and run 13 across the Delaware Memorial Bridge with I-295, then up US 130 to US 1. Not only is 130 close to 13, but US 130 currently multiplexes with US 30 without having either end on it, not to mention that it's a one-state US route. And 130 is very much more traveled and more important than current 13. For a further larf, extend US 13 up NJ 171, then to CR 527 and northward to NJ 23 (and on and so forth), providing a state-maintained N-S route between I-287 and NJ 27.

US 1 Business (original US 1) SB.

Reconstruction of the US 1 bridge over PA 213 in 2013.

Well-in-advance SB trailblazers for I-276 and the Turnpike, just like on US 202. First photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

Rockhill Dr. WB at the US 1 SB onramp just north of I-276.

SB at one of the two Street Roads to cross US 1, with the first two photos on the left and right of the same gantry. That's right, not only is PA unimaginative enough to have more than one Street Road (in fact, there are at least THREE), but you can't even direct people to take US 1 to Street Road.
South to Roosevelt Boulevard
Original US 1 on the Philadelphia border
Old US 1, Bridge St. in Morrisville
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