Pennsylvania Roads - US 1

First shield above courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 1 goes from a four-lane freeway (the Oxford Bypass) to a four-lane divided arterial, to a four-lane freeway once more (the Media Bypass), to a four-lane surface road. Then it goes back into a four-lane freeway (the Roosevelt Expressway), and suddenly blossoms into a 12-lane divided arterial (Roosevelt Blvd.), with a little help from US 13's multiplex. Roosevelt Blvd. is a 3/3-3/3 configuration, and was intended to be 3-3/3-3. To unconfuse that, currently the six lanes on each side are divided into three left and three right. More streets are accessible from the right, which I call "local," but the left/inner/"express" lanes stop at almost every traffic light, save for a couple of underpasses, and while right turns happen from the locals, left turns happen from the express. The Roosevelt Expressway was supposed to run down the middle of this boulevard, leaving three-lane frontage roads on either side of a six-lane freeway. Anyway, the frontage roads drop off, and from PA 132 on northward, US 1 is once more a four-lane freeway, on into New Jersey.

US 1, Roosevelt Expwy. and south
Old US 1, Baltimore Pike
US 1, Roosevelt Blvd.
Original US 1 on the Philadelphia border
US 1 north of Philadelphia
Old US 1, Bridge St. in Morrisville

Throughout the pages above, you will see references to Lou Corsaro. Lou was kind enough to provide me with a full southbound and partial northbound run of photos before I got there myself, so even though most of those are gone now, he deserves recognition on this page.

Ferry Rd. NB, Ridge Ave. EB, Ridge Ave. WB, all at the same onramp just east of I-76 and the Schuylkill River, underneath the Roosevelt Expressway.

Enter New Jersey on US 1
Enter Maryland on US 1
The southern US 1 freeway, Roosevelt Expressway and northern US 1 freeway on Steve Anderson's
The proposed US 1 Lansdowne Expressway and 52nd Street Expressway on
US 1 on Jeff Kitsko's
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