Pennsylvania Roads - Thomas Mill Br., Philly

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge, Philadelphia

The path to the last covered bridge in Philadelphia is the former Thomas Mill Road, leading down from the western end of Chestnut Hill Ave. through lovely Fairmount Park.

Views from the west side of the bridge.

An artificial waterfall, probably dating to 1855 along with the bridge, looking north at Wissahickon Creek (from back on the east side).

Looking back at the bridge from my special waterfall hidey-hole.

Heading back up Thomas Mill Rd., I now pay more attention to the curvy wall on the southwest side of the street. It separates the former through traffic from the pricey Chestnut Hill houses along Towanda Street. Or, really, house, as most of the wall is for a single huge property with its own pool (or pools, quite possibly) and tennis court, among other amenities.

I'm not obsessed with the wall, I was just exploring every inch to see if I could find a way through for a quick swim. Let me in, rich person!

Back up to the top of the hill at Chestnut Hill Ave.

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