Pennsylvania Roads - Scranton


State-name shields on W. Linden St. EB (first photo) and WB (second photo) at 7th Ave. It's curious that I-81 and US 6 are signed this way and US 11 isn't (though you can see it in the background of the first photo), since the North Scranton Expressway that these signs are directing you to is actually US 11 (and partly PA 307), and US 6 and I-81 are to be found north of the city a few exits up. Yes, one could follow 7th Ave. to Providence Rd. to Main Ave., but why?

Ancient street sign, seen from 7th Ave. NB. Yes, I spent some time exploring west Scranton, and it's because US 11 isn't signed anywhere in the city. I missed a turn, crossed the river, and ended up on Lackawanna Ave. More than one helpful person told me to make a left on Main Ave. to get to Route 11, but see, Main Ave. never gets to 11 in that direction, not even 11 southbound. Had I been told to turn right (or U-turn while on Main), I would have gotten to US 11 northbound, which is what I actually wanted to find. It took me two tries just to find a map so that I could locate myself. When a roadgeek gets lost, well you sure know signs must be bad, but also, we REALLY lose ourselves.

As I said, I got quite lost on Main Ave., but at least I got to see this old one-way sign.

Actually, this upside-down embossed sign is also on Main Ave. If not for getting lost, you wouldn't have this page.

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