Pennsylvania Roads - Schofield Ford Br.

Schofield Ford (or Twining) Covered Bridge

The bridge stands majestic, unadorned, off of Swamp Road northwest of Newtown. It's difficult to find, and a decent downhill hike to get to it. Once you're on it, though, it seems rather new. Well, the foundations are original, but the old bridge was destroyed in a fire in 1991, so this is the second iteration. Fortunately, it was redone to original specs and, being so far off the beaten path, was left unadorned for the appreciation of the covered bridge purist. (No fines for going faster than a walk or staying on your horse.)

Looking northwest and southeast along Neshaminy Creek.

Continuing to the far side of the bridge, which ostensibly once led somewhere, but the road has long since been left to degrade into trail.

One look at the southwestern bridge portal.

Back on the east side, facing northwest into the setting sun.

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