Pennsylvania Roads - River Rd., Northampton Co.

River Road, Northampton County

Looking south from Riverton Rd. (which connects Riverton to River Rd.) at the Riverton-Belvidere Bridge. The SLOW CHILDREN sign in the foreground appears to have gone missing later in 2012.

Delaware River fog on Riverton Rd. NB leaving Riverton, then an old wooden sign on River Rd. SB at Riverton Rd.

SB, spanning Allegheny Creek (one of many in the state, I'd imagine).

Find the other 19 bridges! I can't explain that marking, but the keystone signifies that this bridge was erected by Pennsylvania many years ago (1946 to be exact).

Maybe there are more than 19 bridges, because here's #36 (okay, that's countywide numbering), the first reinforced concrete bridge in Northampton County (so old, "re-inforced" is hyphenated). Even more interestingly, "Babp" is a one-off last name with no other occurrences I could find - so anyone with that last name is part of David's family!

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