Pennsylvania Roads - Philadelphia


One-piece RIDOT shields, but since they're erected by the city, I can't yell at PennDOT.

Philly skimps on directional signage. 36th St. at Chestnut.

A bunch of one-piece assemblies on Washington Ave. EB at Columbus Blvd. As in the second photo, the directions and arrows should not be outlined in blue, but then again, the first photo has the right fonts and shields. At least there's also an old sign for the Drivers License Center. In the third photo, through the blur you can see a bubble shield (stretched 2-digit) for I-676.

While we're along Columbus Blvd., these wide errors are SB at Morris St.

5th St. (NB) tunnels under I-676, leaving the onramp to the Ben Franklin Bridge (US 30 EB) on the surface, where it meets Race Street in these photos. The old Old Christ Church sign and the "Bridge Traffic Only" are on the left fork of 5th St.; the center fork goes into the tunnel and the right fork is for the U.S. Mint.

4th St. SB at I-676, with no tunnel.

From 5th, to 4th, to 3rd St. NB, with a rare and ancient sign at Chestnut St. "Parkway" is that of Benjamin Franklin, well to the west along Arch St. The Parkway dates to 1917, but the sign is somewhat newer than that - but probably closer to 1917 than 2017.

Myrtlewood St. SB past Thompson St. The little text says "PGH DPS," something I'd expect to find in Pittsburgh.

The elevated railway above 25th St., NB only, from Federal St., WB only.

While I'm looking at elevated railways, this one's on the north side of Lehigh Ave., seen here at Tulip St. Actually, it's a former rail spur, so rather than put lipstick on the pig with a mural, it should have been butchered for bacon.

Still on Lehigh Ave., with more views of the same railroad spur by the next cross street, Aramingo Ave. Here you can see where the track has been ripped out.

The 34th St./University Ave. bridge over the Schuylkill River, NB.

Falls Bridge southbound from Fairmount Park, also over the Schuylkill.

The eastward view along the river, featuring the US 1 Roosevelt Expwy. bridge.

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge
Girard Ave.
Passyunk Ave.
Fox St.
Gustine Lake interchange
Onto PA 611, Broad St.
To I-95, Delaware Expwy.
Onto I-676, Vine St. Expwy.
Onto US 30
Onto PA 3
I-76, Schuylkill Expwy.
US 1, City Ave. and Roosevelt Blvd.
US 13
PA 63, Woodhaven Blvd.
PA 73
Unbuilt PA 90, Betsy Ross Bridge
PA 232, Oxford Ave.
PA 532
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