Pennsylvania Roads - Passyunk Ave.

Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia

Bartram Ave. EB leaving PA 291 at Essington Ave., just outside the airport. Essington Ave. turns into Passyunk Ave. Here you see three styles of typical Philadelphia signage - one-piece green assemblies with tiny writing, shield assemblies condensed onto street signs, and the old green signs that resemble those in Baltimore.

Passyunk Ave NB over the Schuylkill River. The I-76 shield is directly beneath the first 28th St. sign. Passyunk Ave. doesn't look like it was a state highway, so this must be city-erected button copy to state standards.

The frontage road gets the most interesting button copy sign.

After all that buildup, 28th St. turns out to just be a dead-end. At least there are more little city shields to gawk at.

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