Pennsylvania Roads - PA 981

PA 981

All photos are SB except the next one.

NB at US 22/US 119.

Entering Latrobe at a railroad overpass before Industrial Highway, where PA 981 turns and goes through town, ending up on a one-way pair. That pair of Depot and Main Streets comes together at the century-old signal in the middle of the road.

Things Not Really On PA 981: Unity St. EB (still in Latrobe) meeting 981, St. Vincent College (Lawson Heights) looking west across 981, and Arnold Palmer Dr. heading EB away from 981.

Two different railroad viaducts, the first abandoned, the second still active over the PA 819 junction.

On down into Mt. Pleasant and a concurrency with PA 31. Both the town and the multiplex could be avoided by turning on Braddock Road Ave. I suppose it's a newer road and PennDOT didn't want to move the state highway out of an important town.

Turning a corner in Smithton.

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