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PA 906

All photos were taken SB.

The Donora-Webster Bridge (10th St.) has been permanently closed. The likely solution is a new bridge on rehabilitated piers, which is set in stone for another bridge on this page.

Not this one, the C. Vance DeiCas Bridge, politically named and completed relatively recently in 1972.

It would be this one, the Charleroi-Monessen Bridge, which actually ends up as Lock St. in North Charleroi. It will have been demolished as of July 2011, making it 105 years since it was built by the Mercantile Bridge Company. The head of that company was one John K. Tener, for whom the replacement bridge will be named. I'm not sure whether that's a tribute, an insult, or just irony.

Signs that once faced EB traffic on the bridge. The second one has fallen from one of its supports and now leans at a 70 degree angle. There's no point in remounting it because it will be replaced with the new bridge anyway. In fact, I'd bet all of the button copy signs will be replaced with the new bridge. They ought to have been patched over when the old one closed, but I'm not arguing to hide the beautiful buttons.

Looking over my shoulder NB.

Further south, there are two railroad bridges, one across the Monongahela River and the other across a shore railroad and a mining access driveway. But as you may see in the background, that's not all that's there.

The other bridge in the picture is newer and has a road on it. You know which one.

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