Pennsylvania Roads - PA 885

PA 885

All photos taken northbound.

Glass Run Rd. EB from Baldwin (at Churchview Ave.) to the end end at PA 885 PA 885.

I describe in more detail what's going on with this ramp, but not only does it lead to PA 837 SB, it is in fact 837 itself, because that route loops around and briefly joins PA 885. Really, a traffic signal might have sufficed.

The Glenwood Bridge over the Monongahela River.

Through the east side of Pittsburgh; a house is missing its mate by Hazelwood Ave. Come by and take a look. The second photo is by Greenfield Ave., easy to miss because it's old, tiny, and mounted high. It's where PA 837 turns left across the railroad tracks.

PA 837 turns back underneath the tracks onto Bates St. A lot of trucks have failed to make it.

PA 885 ends at I-579. This is on the ramp connecting the two.

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