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PA 857

All photos on PA 857 itself are northbound.

Gans Rd., the first PA 43 interchange north from WV and the beginning of the Mon-Fayette Expwy. for many years. After this photo was taken during the Morgantown, WV road meet in June 2011, WV 43 opened to complete the freeway to I-68 - well, "complete" in a sense, because it still ends at a diamond interchange in order to serve the development on the south side of the interchange that's otherwise cut off from the world. What's stopping the development from connecting elsewhere? Two holes of a golf course. Golfers have prevented a freeway from ending as a freeway.

Gans Rd. WB has a unique, reverse-color take on the Turnpike shield. It's a lot cleaner without all of those words inside, but risks being mistaken for a regular PA shield.

Looking north at the Gans Rd. interchange, with active ramps merging into and out of an inactive through route.

PA 43's unused roadways to the south.

The future (now current) PA 43 NB offramp to Gans Rd., coming in next to the open NB onramp.

Back onto PA 857, to the next connecting road to PA 43, Rubles Mill Rd.

If you live in Fairchance, Church St. is the connection west to PA 43 at Exit 8. The special Turnpike shield isn't here because there's no toll to drive PA 43 to the north, since it runs right into US 119 around Uniontown.

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