Pennsylvania Roads - PA 75

PA 75

All content is SB after the first (bridge) set.

NB across the Juniata River in Port Royal while it's reduced to one lane during what seems to be construction. Or else this is a semi-permanent state due to the narrowness of the bridge until it gets replaced.

Click to drive back over the bridge, then continue south to the land of ugly shields.

The first photo was taken in July 2007 where the old PA 75, Main St., diverges on the north side of town. Someone must have noticed, because when I came back three years later (again in July), the sign was restored to its original beauty. And the fact that the sign was left intact is the most beautiful part of all.

After many years of searching, I finally got a full collection of Turnpike trailblazers from a single road. By the time I did, some of them were replaced with new signs and the wrong font - at 4 miles, 3 miles, and 1 mile (I have the old 1-mile advance photo up here because it just looks better). In highway signage in particular, using a more modern look doesn't work by and large.

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