Pennsylvania Roads - PA 724

PA 724

Heading east for some non-roads scenery, I inadvertently stumble upon an old keystone. It was since replaced by a faithful replica.

The reason I'm in Seyfert is the Allegheny Aqueduct, which carried the Grand Canal to the Schuylkill Canal. The remains of the Allegheny Creek bridge (hence the Aqueduct's name) were restored in 1989, having been abandoned in 1931. This warrants a closer look.

Looking west from Old River Road along the aqueduct, constructed in 1824 and in use for almost a century.

Farther north/west on Old River Rd., this former structure was probably directly related to the construction and use of the canal.

Heading back southeast to PA 724 from the ruins, with views of the north side of the aqueduct.

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