Pennsylvania Roads - PA 68

PA 68

Westbound. The old LGS mimics BGS's by having the corners of the sign rounded, but oddly fills them in instead of just ringing the sign with a strip.

A similar oddity in the EB direction, compounded by the strange keystone shape, to be contrasted with the correct ones below it.

Old WB signs in Vanport, starting at Buffalo St.

Historical WB signs in Beaver. The first sign refers to the present city of Beaver, not the present animal of beaver.

Looking south from the Beaver River where it meets the Ohio River; in the foreground is a rail bridge, and in the background is PA 18 over the Ohio.

Looking north at the Rochester-Bridgewater Bridge on Bridge St., original PA 51/68. What I'm looking from is current 51/68, the Rochester-Beaver Bridge. The original Lincoln Highway actually followed Bridge St. via the north bank of the Ohio River, rejoining current US 30 (which follows most of the highway) in East Liverpool, OH, and never entering West Virginia.

Old stuff delights the eyes in Sligo, at the beginning of PA 58.

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