Pennsylvania Roads - PA 641

PA 641

Foggy conditions on Blue Mountain to the west and north of PA 641.

With that kind of weather, it's no surprise that these photos didn't come out so well. The WB keystone at Roxbury lists Shade Gap as the next town, and the EB one at Newburg lists Shippensburg. Problem is, Shippensburg is on PA 696. I guess there was some rerouting around here once upon a time.

PA 641 WB shares space with US 11 SB in Carlisle, but even so, you can't junction the route you're on. To further the ignominy, PA 641 then departs straight under a pink trestle. Pink and roads do not go together.

This WB keystone came out much better despite being taken an hour earlier - but east of the looming weather.

PA 641 EB ends at US 11/15 just south of Harrisburg. The distance sign below the shield is wooden.

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