Pennsylvania Roads - PA 611 (Doylestown & S.)/US 202

PA 611, Doylestown and south, and PA 611/US 202

PA 611 SB south of Center City Philadelphia, once US 611 but nowhere near when this sign was made.

Definitely not one of the old US 611 shields, this Philly-style mistake is on Ridge Ave. WB at the same corner as the subway entrance.

On the near and far eastern corners of US 1's exit ramps. The second sign was meant for NB through traffic (well, through from other surface streets) until something hit it.

SB over US 1, where the only way onto the highway to the north is by making a left on US 13 NB.

NB on the north side of the US 1 overpass. Guess that whole road isn't THE real thing after all.

Ancient sign for the SB US 1 onramp from PA 611. There's a different but also old one on Fox St.. I don't know which is older because they're so different - this one isn't even button copy.


These used to be a second original US 611 shield, photographed here by Lou Corsaro. It was on Easton Rd. EB in Upper Moreland Township, aka Willow Grove, and it looks like the JCT was even older than the shield - and the arrows even older still!

You know something special is up when you see remaining pointers to US 611, over 30 years after it has been stricken from the records. This is the beginning of one of the two Doylestown Bypasses. The second, US 202, is linked from the bottom, and is special for having stubs at either end. One of those ends happens to be PA 611, and this page will show it from ground level - for the US 202 one-level-up view, visit that page. Beyond that stub are plenty of old signs, and again, there are more on US 202, so visit that page afterward. Starting northbound:

Notice that the first sign is missing the southbound destination (and any sort of bottom half of the sign), while the second sign has a lot of room before 1 MI. Couldn't be that that was once MI?

This ramp would have been US 202 NB to PA 611 NB, and is currently open to traffic as a U-turn, though not signed in any way. I guess it's more apt to say that it has not been closed to traffic.

Somewhat more closed to traffic is the PA 611 NB-US 202 SB loop, though I guess a diehard roadgeek could skirt the barrier, since the ramp is fully paved and relatively weed-free.

Upon the opening of the 202 Parkway in December 2012, here is the refreshed and totally open NB-SB loop.

The last sign was swiped from the US 202 SB freeway overpass once its completion was thrown in jeopardy - until then, this was only signed as Chalfont or else State Street. You'll see more about that once we go southbound.

Last NB sign.

Beginning the SB progression, this is north of the Bypass, and Main St. may as well be Business 611, since that's what left way back at the US 611 BGS's at top. The PA 611 freeway had vague plans to be extended north and south as an entire corridor, but unlike with US 202, plans weren't concrete enough to build stubs in anticipation.

This is the next exit north from PA 313.

Notice that all of the US 202 signs are newer additions, and the closest two signs to the exit don't mention US 202 at all. Northbound, a sign was pillaged from the freeway area to use for US 202 SB. Why wasn't the same done here?

Well, for gosh sakes, they forgot to move it from the interchange! Instead of transferring this sign back to the surface US 202, PennDOT left it here and scraped all of the letters off. Now, WHY leave it here?

This would have been the SB PA 611-SB US 202 ramp.

The NB US 202-SB PA 611 ramp, as seen from the actually in use SB PA 611-NB US 202 loop. As I said before, all of these ramps are fully paved.

Looking southward at the NB 202-SB 611 ramp as it merges into PA 611 SB.

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