Pennsylvania Roads - PA 58

PA 58

All photos are westbound.

PA 58 turns left in Sligo. I don't think the bottom blinker does anything.

The reduced speed is for PA 368, which begins ahead and goes right into Callensburg. PA 58 turns right and gets a historical sign.

Across the Clarion River and on to Harrisville. The 8 on the right is newer, and Series E instead of D.

Looking back east at a railroad overpass east of Grove City.

Through said Grove City.

Views of the Mercer County Courthouse as I drive around the central square in Mercer with PA 258.

Buried in that previous photo run, PA 58/258 turn left from Pitt St. on the north side of the courthouse.

Leaving US 322 in Jamestown under a railroad that no longer exists.

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