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PA 56

PA 56 follows an onramp to an expressway that doesn't exist, south of Leechburg. This probably would have tied into the PA 356 bridge and interchange in Freeport, on the way to PA 28. As it is, 356 is just to the south, and shares space briefly with 56 west of here.

Looking back west down the stub toward Leechburg Hill Rd., which connects to PA 66 at Leechburg for travelers heading north. It may even be faster for PA 66 through traffic to take 56 to Leechburg Hill and back across the Kiskiminetas River instead of following its twisty north bank.

EB in Vandergrift, PA 56 loses its divided highway and picks up the designated PA 66 alternate route, which is only good for bypassing Apollo on the west side of the river, but then goes straight through Vandergrift instead.

PA 56 EB/Alt. PA 66 NB across the Kiskiminetas. (I'm not typing it again.) In addition to the old truss, you get old signs faded to irrelevance. On the first gantry, PA 66 NORTH is in the LEFT LANE, and PA 56 EAST / PA 66 SOUTH are in the RIGHT LANE. The other one is somewhat more clearly the destinations of your turn choices.

Looking back west across the I'm Not Typing It Again River.

I can't make out the ad, can you? PA 56 EB/PA 66 SB are on Warren Ave. at 8th St. in Apollo.

Done with PA 66, PA 56 EB is ready for US 422, but has to get across Crooked Creek first.

US 119 SB/PA 56 EB south of Indiana, next to Two Lick Creek. All of the shields are wacky on the 119 freeway.

Old PA 56 in Homer City, WB at Wiley St. where it turns right and these signs are straight ahead.


Skipping PA 711 and the historically important PA 403 concurrencies (see big links at bottom), this is EB at D Street in downtown Johnstown. By this point, no one should be going more than 25 MPH, having already made three turns and gone through a handful of traffic lights, hemmed in by parked cars. Jake brakes (no longer allowed to be used on signs, as a trademark) would serve little purpose here. The warning should have been way at the top of the hill and beginning of the city.

WB in the part of Johnstown not affected by the flood. Used to be both lanes could go straight, though they would have had to immediately merge again. I didn't notice a problem with traffic queuing in just one lane.

Button copy on the freeway WB heading down into downtown Johnstown.

EB joining and leaving the former US 220 alignment, all three photos shared with Business US 220 (which comes off the freeway at the PA 56 exit). The new signs are at once hideous and curious - who would think to put directions inside the detour circles? - so the old sign had better remain.

PA 56 soon comes to an end, but has time to squeeze out a few photos. Just beyond the Turnpike overpass, US 30 is the end of the line.

PA 711 and PA 56/711
PA 403 and PA 56/403

Old PA 56, Johnstown

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