Pennsylvania Roads - PA 550/150

PA 550 and 150/550

Looking east at the pile of dirt supporting the new I-99 freeway just north of State College.

Looking south and north along PA 550 at the tall I-99 overpass.

Looking east and west along I-99 - really south and north by I-99's directions, but here the freeway follows the US 322 corridor. The large retention pond in the foreground and tall rock cut in the background are byproducts of the discovery that the hills here were full of acid rock that was not discovered when preparing the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement). This not only increased the construction time and cost of I-99 but led to a long delay as engineers tried to figure out how to contain the acid so that it didn't leach into groundwater or erode the foundation of the roadway. Several types of treatment later, including carting away megatons of rock and replacing it with a more stable type, the freeway was able to open. The closer look west in the third photo shows final work on top of the biggest cut, where you can see the black tarp-like containment treatment, gray rocks, and final capping/grading work being done over a hundred feet above the road.

NB just south of Bellefonte.

Leaving Bellefonte on PA 150/550 SB but on the entering (NB) side of the road.

The NB side of this creek and old keystone sign near Mill St.

SB face of the sign.

SB through Bellefonte and onto the multiplex near a picturesque park. This small city has transitioned beautifully into the new millennium. See the Bellefonte page linked below.

As a sort of preview of the Bellefonte page, which you will visit next please, NB (High St. EB) at the Centre County Courthouse where PA 550 turns right, and High St. WB from behind the courthouse.

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