Pennsylvania Roads - PA 532

Other than the photos above (first shield on the route, Philly-style) and below, everything is southbound.

Looking east at the Washington Crossing Bridge into New Jersey.

Click to drive from NJ into PA on the Washington Crossing Bridge.

In the short distance between PA 32 and parallel Taylorsville Rd. (the 32 for people who want to go to I-95 or hate driving through floods), PA 532 picks up a Delaware Canal crossing and a 19th century school turned into a bank chain branch.

PA 413/532 on the Newtown Bypass at Swamp Rd.

Nearing the awkwardly conjoined town of Feasterville-Trevose. Not the same ring as a Winston-Salem.

Congratulations graduates, you've earned a trip across the street for some underage drinking! This lucky school is at Petoni Pl. in Philadelphia.

Remarkably faded, probably dating to when Woodhaven Blvd. was constructed as a stubby PA 63 freway. Byberry Rd. is a shortcut to get over there, but Philadelphia has other ideas for trucks.

A rasher of Philadelphia-style shields; the green assembly is newer, but all are common one-piece signs. My notes say the last two white "TO 63" signs are at Hendrix St. and Verree Rd.

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