Pennsylvania Roads - PA 501

Someone get a PA 272 shield out there, STAT. And not the one on US 222/PA 272 that goes with this weird END sign.

PA 501 NB/722 EB, then one heading the other way. Clearview should not be used on shields. Or, in my opinion, anywhere else.

I said... At least the one atop the page is a joy to behold. That one, unfortunately followed closely by these, is in Lititz leaving PA 772, which also has a concurrency with PA 501. Not to be confused with PA 722, despite being parallel with no intervening routes.

Heading north from 772, on the left.

One of the hardest covered bridges to spot, Buck Hill or Eichelberger's Bridge is just off PA 501 just south of Lititz, but you'll never see it from the road. It's actually a little distance up someone's driveway, across from the Target.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, this is on PA 501 SB just before intersecting old US 22. I think it's been relocated because Fredericksburg is west on 22, so the sign should originally have been on the east side of town.

NB and SB, respectively.

The first photo is atop the second one, SB on the south side of the interchange.

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