Pennsylvania Roads - PA 41

PA 41

Just after entering from Delaware and DE 41 (Pennsylvania created the number, Delaware followed), with the second photo at the base of the ramp - sharp right arrows aren't meant for gradual ramps. In Pennsylvania, the exit is just for Limestone Road, a non-descript four-digit secondary state route, but in Delaware, who nicely donated these circles (or told PennDOT how to make them), Limestone Road becomes a single-digit state highway.

If you stay on PA 41 NB, this embossed welcome sign is above the interchange. Sorry, I exited for Delaware, so I don't get welcomed.

Curiously, SB traffic is also welcomed by the sign, or maybe it's a reminder of why not to stay in Delaware too long.

NB in Avondale, where old US 1 breaks off from PA 41 and heads left on Sae S. To the right is St. Okay, State St. and 1st St., and an order for new signs.

Derry Meeting Rd. SB at the beginning of PA 796.

Northward into the heart of PA Dutch Country, PA 41 is about to end at US 30 but first passes this unique town clock at the eastern end of PA 741. Both in proximity of termini and general direction of travel, it would make sense for 41 to continue northwest along PA 772. PennDOT doesn't always make sense (I could really say that about most any highway agency).

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