Pennsylvania Roads - PA 402

PA 402

Actually, none of the photos on this page are from PA 402. They're all from the aborted Marshalls Creek bypass, which carries US 209 around downtown Marshalls Creek but was supposed to continue north to join PA 402 north of town. Due to cost-cutting and NIMBY opposition, the mostly-completed north half of the bypass road was abandoned and is now used for material storage.

Oak Grove Dr. heading north along the east side of the abandoned bypass.

Walking south along intended PA 402, with the power lines of Oak Grove Dr. to the left.

The pavement ends but the grading continues around to the right. You can see Calvary Ct. on the right, the street that helped kill the bypass.

Walking back north on the bypass, then up to the top of the gravel pile for fun.

Looking south from what I'll call Alps Mountain.

They cancelled the bypass road, so I'm driving on their road, SB on Calvary Ct. along the proposed PA 402 alignment.

Back north by the beginning of the full-width, full-depth (i.e. wasted) bypass pavement.

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