Pennsylvania Roads - PA 356/Old PA 28

and PA 356/old PA 28

The NB exit to Freeport Road, also the NB mainline. PA 356 NB has always come down this ramp since the new bridge was built in the 1960s, as has "all traffic," so I don't know why the original legend was ever for PA 28, which followed Freeport Rd. until the freeway was built to the northwest.

PA 356 NB and old PA 28 NB, which continues through town as PA 128. The first two signs and last two signs are each on the left and right of the same gantry, framing a look north at the Buffalo Street bridge across its eponymous creek. The Freeport exit has always been for PA 28 or 128, so why would it just say "Freeport"? PennDOT clearly got confused by the ramp maze in this area. The "To 28" sign originally just said PA 356, since PA 28 did not exist up that way yet. It makes me think that the "PA 128 North" sign originally said "PA 28," with the '1' added later.

PA 356 NB crosses Buffalo Creek on Buffalo Street from the end of PA 128 SB. This was formerly a wrong-way concurrency with PA 28 SB, and is the oldest remaining bridge in the complex, having been the crossing for PA 356 and PA 28 to continue north and west of town, respectively, well before the modern Allegheny River bridge.

The lone SB photo on the page, at the Freeport Road exit, which originally was for PA 28. The ramp allows a left turn for PA 128 NB, which joins PA 356 in a U-turn, or a right turn onto Freeport Rd., old 28. Don't bother looking for any of the signs on this page, as the entire interchange has been reconstructed with new roadways, two-way instead of one-way.

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