Pennsylvania Roads - PA 340

PA 340

EB to a very unofficial sign outside Smoketown Airport attempting to camouflage under some legitimate ones.

What a difference some paint makes. This is the same sign, EB, in 2007 and 2011. "Cross Keys" is now Intercourse, as the next signs will tell you. I think Cross Keys was a better name.

Bird-In-Hand has some great signs, but GreAT SIGNS does not seem to fall into that category. That is actually a really not great sign to advertise that your business makes signs.

Plain & Fancy decided to build itself a covered bridge to advertise that Lancaster County has other, better bridges.

Continuing east through progressively naughtier-sounding towns. Intercourse is actually about the least naughty place I've ever visited, but it just can't shake that name. (I bet some percentage of its visitors originally came for the name, and then returned for the tourism. I'm one of them.) WGAL signs are a classic way to know you're in Dutch Country.

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