Pennsylvania Roads - PA 29/US 11

PA 29 and 29/US 11

The southern PA 29, NB at its current end at I-78 Exit 55. Before I-78 (or maybe even before the PA 309 freeway that I-78 took over), the southern PA 29 continued into Allentown to US 222 (now PA 222, and once US 22). There was one PA 29 until 1966 until PennDOT decided it wasn't worth a number of concurrencies to complete the route. So why not renumber one of the halves?

Some of the button copy and state-name shields as the northern PA 29 comes to an end SB. The I-81 BGS's are somewhat newer, and thus not button copy, but retain the all-caps destinations typical of much-earlier generation signs.

The Nanticoke Bridge, approached southbound from PA 29 and northbound from US 11 while they multiplex on the opposite shore of the Susquehanna to avoid the eponymous city.

More PA 29 SB/US 11 NB photos starting from where they first come together.

As I was heading south toward US 11, I spied something out of the corner of my eye. Luckily, Harvey's Creek (or Harveys Creek, but I prefer apostrophes in place names where appropriate, even if unofficial) is a popular fishing spot, so there are places to park on the shoulder. And there was a nice wide path through the trees here, as if something more than 24 feet wide, relatively flat and graded passed this way.

Looking down from the old alignment (cat's out of the bag!) at the creek.

Looking back toward PA 29 SB on what was once itself PA 29 SB.

What I had noticed originally was this old bridge, still in service carrying a large utility line on the SB side but slowly growing into nature. It was probably bypassed because of the tight curves on either side.

Walking north along PA 29 toward the bridge (or actually, walking back to my car but turning around for photos).

Breaking away from the old bridge, PA 29 SB along Harvey's Creek.

Again SB, crossing Bowman's (Bowmans) Creek north of the beginning of PA 309 (yes, after all that distance not existing and then existing again, PA 29 comes back to 309) and heading south toward Nanticoke.

Last set, still SB, first two photos in Montrose and the last one an improvised street sign at Business US 6 in Tunkhannock.

Leaving PA for NY 7.

Onto US 11 alone

Into New York on NY 7
Straight onto Cedar Crest Blvd. at I-78/PA 309
Onto I-78
Onto PA 309
Onto I-81
Onto Business US 6, Tunkhannock
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