Pennsylvania Roads - PA 28/US 322

PA 28 and 28/US 322

Starting from the beginning of PA 28 from the 9th St. Bridge, heading northbound to Exit 5A in Etna. The first couple of miles have signals and driveways, but then the freeway picks up and the Blue Belt joins from Grant Ave. The Blue Belt goes from here and uses the Highland Park Bridge, but it appears to be signed here for the 62nd St. Bridge (PA 8). When I was here, the bridge was under construction and I had to use old PA 28, Main St. through Sharpsburg (the one with the weight limit). Allegheny County signs its Belts (Red through Blue) with the white guide signs on freeways.

SB to the end of PA 28 in Pittsburgh.

Ugliness awaits at the foot of the Ohio St. exit, the link from PA 28 SB to I-279 NB.

Next set of NB signs onto the ramp.

SB signs at the Highland Park Bridge, which is a wye toward the river (left) so thru traffic must keep right. The bridge is the way to PA 8 SB; the next bridge to the southwest is actual PA 8, but why go all the way out and back?

The Highland Park Bridge, here seen southbound, is also the Green Belt for a beltplex.

The left and right sides of the Highland Park Bridge interchange, NB at PA 28. Here you see both belts signed from the bridge.

Heading out past the only original NB button copy assembly on the freeway, past some construction, past the Hulton Bridge to Exit 11 for PA 910, which is the Yellow Belt here. If the Hulton Bridge looks interesting, click the link at bottom.

The oldest SB button copy is also around here, as well as the oldest Belt guide sign (at Exit 8).

PA 28 gets exit numbers later. While it's with US 422, all it gets is A-B. Or B-A along US 422 WB/PA 28-66 SB.

Up the road in New Bethlehem, PA 28 needs to get up the shield.

Cutting out all the extra shields, this little guy is above one for US 322 WB and just after an assembly for PA 28 SB and PA 36 NB. Any eastbound routes want to volunteer to head west for a block and get all four directions at once?

Jaunting through Brookville SB with US 322 WB.

A look eastward.

PA 28 SB/US 322 WB on the east side of town. Given that the Cleanways sign is a yellow diamond, it must be a warning. Is it warning me that Tom Butler likes his highways clean? What driving action do I need to take as a result? Or should this sign not be a yellow diamond?

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