Pennsylvania Roads - PA 274/34

PA 274 and PA 34/274

All photos are westbound (PA 34 NB), encompassing the entire route.

This wrecks my policy of saving the best for last. 1960's/1950's white distance signs are getting rarer by the day, and the old-style tapered arrow is taken to quite the extreme, so that it looks like a pyramid crashing into a moth. This sign points up a small dirt road, and as you can see from what happened to the identical sign on the other side, it's wooden.

Things get most interesting in New Bloomfield when PA 34 is along for the ride. First, the distance to Newport is italicized, then there's a stencilled-looking BORO LINE sign that I've never seen before, and finally, just outside downtown, PA 274 turns left at this beautiful monument and PA 34 turns right.

Loysville, Loy, I get it. Blain, Blaine, sorry, I don't get it. I know spelling wasn't as uniform in 1778 as it is now, but really, shouldn't the town have been spelled the same way as his name, and if his name was spelled Blain, why does this sign respell it?

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