Pennsylvania Roads - PA 271

PA 271

All but the last photo or two are EB.

Across Mill Creek, east of Ligonier by Waterford Park, on a 1940 bridge to the Westmoreland/Cambria County line. Hard to see it at speed, though.

After a pseudo-keystone-esque town sign, just like that I've already made it to the gateway to Johnstown. Philip E. Chapin, onetime general manager of the Cambria Iron Company, erected his namesake arch at the top of the hill in 1910 in memory of his departed wife Anna M. Chapin. What's now PA 271 once went under the arch to visit the hilltop cemetery.

Down the hill, with the Johnstown Inclined Plane in the background (on PA 56/403), to the 1922 Haynes St. Bridge across the Stonycreek River in downtown. It was once just known as Stony Creek before being upgraded.

Details as I cross the bridge. The last photo faces WB.

Just to the north, the Franklin St. Bridge, a lot flashier and only slightly less historic with a construction date of 1937.

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