NJ/PA Roads - PA 263/Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge

PA 263 and Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge

This isn't a hybridge, just an unfortunate case where the PA town is already called Centre Bridge. Calling this the Stockton-Centre Bridge Bridge would be no less confusing. PA 263 ends midspan, which is why the bridge ends up on this page and NJ Roads gets involved.

SB in New Jersey approaching the bridge. There are an awful lot of warnings up.

A few years ago, there weren't nearly as many warnings, and the weight limit was much higher. This bridge must be in some kind of sad shape.

Ornamental details.

Now click to drive southward into PA.

Continuing south past US 202, where PA 263 adopts a four-lane divided highway format with original concrete but, for many miles, a removed curb median.

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