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PA 23

PA 23 EB/PA 10 NB in Morgantown. The Pennsylvania Turnpike gets the wrong-color shield in the first photo, and then gets a poorly laid-out trailblazer in the second photo.

PA 23 doesn't exist as a freeway, but there are at least three separate pieces that were supposed to be, according to Steve Anderson (see page linked at bottom). I now have photos of two of these, and enough mainline photos to move them to their own page as well.

Goat Path Expressway (unbuilt)

Schuylkill Parkway (unbuilt)

Current PA 23

Now, if PA 23 did leave Lancaster as a freeway, it wouldn't be called the Goat Path Expressway, but rather the Lancaster-Norristown Expressway. PennDOT is still keeping the plans for both aborted freeways on the table, since it still owns the right-of-way, but it'll have to kick some particularly nasty cows off of their preferred pasture to get the Goat Path going. Just like US 202 is going to be completed around Doylestown, the Goat Path might be a Super-2, or a parkway, or even the originally planned and fully graded freeway (all the overpasses are in place, too). It would be completed as far as the ROW is purchased, out to PA 772 and then jogging back to its current surface alignment.

So before even getting to those ugly shields, here's an original specimen shortly after PA 10 and 23 join forces.

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