Pennsylvania Roads - PA 191

PA 191

NB with former PA 115 in Stockertown. If it's a state sign, it dates to the 1940's or earlier. If it's a town sign, it's robably still no newer than 1960. PA 191 itself also lost some mileage off the southern end, which was mostly absorbed into PA 378.

Embossed but not as old. It's not the practice anymore in most places to add the route number to street signblades, at least for state highways (because the junctions tend to be signed with shields).

SB on the right and left sides of the road, near and far corners.

NB with US 6 WB in Honesdale at a location where there is no street to turn on. It's the only such sign I saw, so there's not one pointing to every business.

Washed out but you get the idea, SB/EB as the two routes split. Cutout shields do not work well on white backgrounds.

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