Pennsylvania Roads - PA 18

All photos are northbound.

PA 18 NB/US 40 WB curve off of W. Maiden St. onto Jefferson Ave. in Washington, while W. Maiden continues under this railroad trestle.

Still in Washington, no longer with US 40.

The two ends of Brodhead Rd. in Monaca; PA 18 turns left at the first intersection. That's right, the road is spelled differently than the cultural center.

The Monaca-Rochester Bridge, or the Rochester-Monaca Bridge if Rochester won the high school football game that year. This could be the only variably named bridge in the nation. Click the video to drive across that bridge and the Ohio River, northbound to PA 51/PA 65.

From PA 588 to the original PA Turnpike (I-76) overpass in Homewood. The TOLL 60 shields are the old style.

Continuing north from there to the new type of PA 60 shield, sadly not cut out. The Turnpike Commission started marking all of their non-mainline routes this way, leading to interesting errors like PA 476.

Across the Shenango River and some railroad tracks into New Castle, approaching PA 168.

PA 18 wishes it could take this one back.

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