Pennsylvania Roads - PA 171, Starrucca Viaduct

PA 171 and the Starrucca Viaduct

Similar street signs in two different towns, Vandling and Forest City. The second intersection is where PA 247 leaves/joins PA 171. Forest City is in Susquehanna County, so I have no idea what the L stands for if it's the same on both signs (Vandling is in an "L" county, Lackawanna).

All the way up to Lanesboro, where PA 171 descends through a gap in the low ridge while the railroad sails overhead. You are about to see more of this railroad....
Starrucca Viaduct

Approaching the viaduct from Viaduct Rd. NB.

Your choice of impressive, imposing views of the stone behemoth, starting looking north and ending looking south.

Looking north and south from the back side of the viaduct. There are a couple of houses back here and one long, winding back road that leads into New York if you have the guts to follow it.

Heading back south on Viaduct St. to Belmont Tpk., PA 171.

PA 171 then crosses the Susquehanna River, which meanders into the slow sunset.

PA 171 ends right at the I-81 overpass, not at the end of the road at US 11. The first photo is on PA 171 NB, and the last two are on the road that is about to become PA 171 SB. By comparing the second (older) and third photos, you can see that state-name shields all around the interchange had been replaced very recently, and in the first photo Binghamton was developing a lazy t.

The extension of PA 171 ends at this assembly. The little white signs, like NY's little green signs, alert you to the fact that US 11 is, in fact, PA 11 as well. Instead of having county routes, PA has a system of four-digit state routes covering a lot of two-lane and other surface roads, signed at intersections by these white signs. KY also uses four-digit routes to much the same effect, but signs them with normal shields. The peculiarity of Pennsylvania is that even when it uses regular shields (for Routes 1-999), it also often uses these little white signs as well.

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