Pennsylvania Roads - PA 152/Old US 202

PA 152 (and former US 202)

Looking east from PA 152 at the nascent US 202 parkway, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The parkway was built on an alignment reserved for a freeway that, if fully built, would have linked the 202 freeway by King of Prussia to the New Jersey freeway across the Delaware River. Not only was the parkway built as a regular surface road, and not only was it only built with two lanes (thus not providing any real benefit over the existing road), but it was built in a winding path to prevent any future upgrade. For shame, PennDOT.

After crossing current US 202, PA 152 NB turns onto former US 202 NB, and this keystone is on the right, facing no one in particular.

PA 152 turns left on Park Ave. just before entering Perkasie. Go not even a block more on Walnut St., across East Branch Perkiomen Creek, and this beauty is perched on the left, approachable from all angles (but I start from the east). The South Perkasie Covered Bridge originally spanned Pleasant Spring Creek, but was moved here over 50 years ago.

Eastward views of same, none the worse for wear after the move.

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