Pennsylvania Roads - PA 150/Old US 220/Alt. 220

PA 150 (Old US 220, partly Alt. 220)

Normal-looking SB sign except for the apostrophe. The US Board on Geographic Names abolished them from place names, leaving awkward constructs like Fishs Eddy, NY. At least in this case, PennDOT appears to have fought back.

Looking south at the north end of the PA 550 duplex in Bellefonte and north from the same spot along Spring Creek. See the PA 550 and Bellefonte pages, linked below, for more.

SB at Lamb St. a little further up the river. If the "Lamb's Crossing" signs look old, just keep in mind the bridge is brand-new. They could have been relocated, but they're painted by Bellefonte so there's no real way to judge their age.

PA 150 SB approaching the PA 144 junction, also with Alt. US 220 SB, which is old 220. Only south of here does PA 150 break away from the old route of US 220. Alt. 220 passes from 150 SB to 144 NB for about a mile to Wingate. First photo (sign is now gone) courtesy Doug Kerr. For photos from the 144 concurrency that I just skipped, see the big link at bottom.

The sign on the left of this NB gantry has been replaced, as part of the trend generally getting rid of Alt. US 220 signage, so the old version is courtesy Scott Colbert. US 220 was rerouted onto PA 26, which is now also I-99, leaving the former 220 as ALT. Then the shields got replaced, and nothing fit well.

No clue why the new blue sign has a state-name shield, obviously different than the old style, but I like the blue on blue. I also like that when the intermediate I-80 shield was replaced, the Keystone Shortway banner somehow remained. You can see a tiny PennDOT logo beneath the lower screw. That means the sign is old, and one of the last referring to I-80 by name. Click on the last photo for a state-named closeup.

SB past PA 364, over Beech Creek, to Liberty St.

SB views of Eagle Valley.

SB across Bald Eagle Creek out of Flemington.

Continuing south, the badly fading US 220 BGS is on a connector trumpet to the US 220 freeway, and the Mill Hall sign is just after that at Pennsylvania Ave.

Just a bit south of there. It's the Fishing Creek, so where do you fish if not from the bridge? In the creek, of course! Click the first photo for keystone closeup.

SB in Lock Haven. Both signs are rather lopsided NJDOT-style patch jobs, but the first one holds so much more promise. What required the SOUTH to overwrite the SOUTH? Could there be a US 220 shield under the PA 150? I'm sure there's an older state-name I-80 shield under the new one, too. The first sign is where PA 150 splits from Main St., possibly the original beginning of US 120, although PA 120 is now a block to the north. The second sign is on the far side of downtown Lock Haven.

Staying in the right lane takes you past a Civil War monument in the median.

Looking west over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

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Original US 220 in Bald Eagle State Park
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