Pennsylvania Roads - PA 147

NB and SB keystones.

Heading northbound.

Looking west at the parallel railroad on both sides of Lyon's Island as I cross from Sunbury to Northumberland over the North Branch of the Susquehanna River.

Joining US 11 for a short distance in Northumberland.

The oldest PA 147 gets at the I-80 interchange where it ends.

Continuing north of the current end of PA 147 on the original route, Susquehanna Trail, NB past a new, narrow shield. What is now I-180 was built as the PA 147 freeway, taking the route away from the Susquehanna Trail. The many keystones on the Trail are testament to the former route designation.

SB on the other side of town.

NB on the Susquehanna Trail past Exit 10 of I-180 with the first of many old shields. You can tell the Muncy keystone was repainted.

Muncy in mid-October.

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