Pennsylvania Roads - PA 120

PA 120

All photos are westbound on the former US 120.

From the beginning into Lock Haven and continuing along the West Branch Susquehanna River.

One of the river crossings is Wykoff Run in the delicious locale of Sinnemahoning.

Realizing my error when I returned two years later, I finally crossed the bridge.

Back north toward PA 120.

The river to the west, by dawn's early light. What so proudly I hail by the twilight's first gleaming! Unfortunately, it's a railroad bridge, so I can't cross it.

I can, however, drive by it and get some good views. Railroad St. escapes underneath the trestle.

The sign commemorating the Bucktail Civil War volunteers is on the south side of the road just before PA 555 in Driftwood.

The monument itself is just down PA 555, and you can treat yourself to an old crossbucks on the short drive.

Add some nutmeg as I continue into Emporium by crossing Sinnemahoning Portage Creek.

Past the other side of Emporium, past a 1960's or earlier white sign (which are more common than you'd think but still rare).

The end in Ridgway at US 219/PA 948. Without arrows, the road has two similar names.

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